Races of Dun-Hadad

The races of Dun-Hadad are as varied as the world itself, with a diverse collection of sapient beings inhabiting almost every corner of the nine continents.


The Deva are living links between the material plane and the astral sea, generally residing in remote mountaintop monasteries and other harsh, secluded locales.


The Dragonborn are the product of successful arcane magical experiments intended to create a humanoid draconic sister race. The unsuccessful attempt is known as the Kobold.


The Drow, or Dark Elves, dwell in the vast cave systems known as the Underdark, having retreated there millennia ago following the end of the Crown Wars.


The hardy Dwarves people the mountains, the caverns, and the harsh, cold wastes with their massive holds and powerful clans.


The Eladrin were created by the Gods as a weapon against the Titans during the later years of the War of Creation. After the Crown Wars, the Eladrin, or High Elves, fled the material plane into the Feywild, where they still reside in vast numbers.


One of the most ancient of races, the Wood Elves are the fey who stayed in Dun-Hadad after the Crown Wars.


Genasi are byproducts of the War of Creation, having descended from pockets of intense elemental energy coalescing into sentient form. Each Genasi represents one of five elements, Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, or Lightning.


Goliaths are an bigger, stronger offshoot of the Orc gene-pool, with skin hard as stone and a will like tempered steel.


Gnomes are a diminutive race, long having been enslaved by one group or another. They are not endemic to any particular place, but often are found where the line between the material plane and the Feywild blurs.

Half Elves

Half-Elves are a charismatic and skilled bunch, having the best of both Human adaptability and Elven charisma and charm.

Half Orcs

Half-Orcs are the smarter cousins of the Orcs, having been brought about from a variety of origins. Some are truly half orc, others are simply Orcs with an intelligence head and shoulders above the rest of the tribe.


Halflings are very small humanoids, resembling humans in every way except for height. Halflings are often found wherever humans are, and just about everywhere else.


Humans are by far the most numerous of the races, with tendrils reaching all about the world and the planes beyond. The human race is fragmented, divided into many nations and states across the surface and underneath it.


Kalashtar are the exiled denizens of the Plane of Dreams, having cast out by the God of Dreams since time immemorial. Powerful psions, they roam the planes searching for a home.

Shadar Kai

Shadar-Kai are the residents of the Shadowfell, and are largely predisposed to worship of the Goddess of Death, often acting as her favoured priests, agents, and exarchs.


Shifters share humanoid features with those of a beast, those leaning toward the feline form are found in tropical forests and grassy plains, whereas the more canine ones often reside in temperate forests and grasslands.


Tieflings are the rank-and-file citizenry of the Nine Hells, though individuals have been known to change to Tiefling form through ritual or curse.


Warforged are the products of the Great War, war machines and industrial workers created through fusion of magic, machine, and a divine spark. Their creation is now forbidden, and as such their race is slowly but surely dying out.


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